Great Plains Consultant Selection advises

As GP is for mid-size customers (meaning that it is not the best fit for small businesses, where Microsoft has Small Business Accounting and Small Business Financials, which in turn is scaled down version of Great Plains), you should not expect this MRP package to bee too modern – its strong points are coming from the integration with Microsoft Office product stack and future directions of this process, rather then from its Microsoft Dexterity shell “modernization”. Let’s go to the topic of GP consultant selection:

1. Nationwide consulting companies. Some of them are public corporations, where you should expect to find complete GP functional and technical expertise: implementation consultants, GP programmer, report developers and integration specialists. These companies at the same time, as the rule charge the highest hourly consulting rate. If you are in turn nation-wide public corporation, the advantage for you might be apparent, as this type of MBS VAR will support locally all or the majority of your locations

2. Regional GP VARs. If you need reliable local support in one or few business metros, then you might try the strategy to find regional partner. Regional partners are typically mid-size consulting companies, backed by the business pyramid, where you find the involvement of regional or nationwide audit firm ownership. Regional firms carry solid technical expertise and often couple with offshore software developer firms and call centers to support ERP applications. One of the specifics of regional partners is – they have to provide more than one ERP and CRM application consulting and support practices, as market is not large enough to concentrate on one package

3. Independent GP consultants or one-person operation firms. Here you are finding the lowest consulting rates, as a rule, plus you often find the professional who reached the maximum in nation-wide or regional GP implementation company, and now he or she is independent. This means for you that if you are looking for expertise and experience – independent consultant might be the best choice, however these folks are harder to locate and so, select. Often one-person-operations companies are associated with larger organizations, meaning that their direct hire is complicated

Improvement Overall from an Environmental Health and Safety Consultant

An Environmental Health and Safety Consultant can work with your company to make improvements that workers and the surrounding community can benefit from. Not every company has the available funding to hire a full time person in this role and can receive many of the benefits from hiring a consultant to work with the company from time to time.

The Environmental Health and Safety Consultant creates a systematic method for dealing with the company’s waste. Waste can be gases released into the environment, or materials that are no longer useful for production. These materials need to be assessed to determine the best course of action. Some materials might need to be taken offsite to a facility that has made preparations to receive that type of waste.

Another focus of the Environmental Health and Safety Consultant is to evaluating the carbon footprint of the company. Your company makes an impact on the environment around the facility and it is critical to ensure it is not a detrimental relationship. A company that damages the environment might have consequences from agencies such as the EPA. The consequences could be large fines or costly delays in production while violations are addressed.

FinallyFind Article, the Environmental Health and Safety must consider the safety of the facility. The workers should be adequately trained and protected from any hazards present on the worksite. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) may be required for certain jobs. The Consultant will witness first hand each role the employee performs on a daily basis. Then the proper equipment can be selected to ensure the safety of the worker moving forward. Healthy employees increase the productivity by keeping the employees working. Cost can also be saved from worker compensation claims for accidents or injuries that occur at the facility.

Defining Environmental Consultant

An environmental consultant helps industrial plants and facilities avoid citations with the EPA, OSHA, and in Oklahoma the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality or DEQ. Having environmental audits performed regularly help determine what types of environmental permits might be needed to stay compliant with EPA regulations. Another part of an Environmental Consultant’s job is helping to determine if land that was once used for industrial purposes are safe to be re-zoned for commercial or residential use. Before the property can be re-zoned an environmental team must decide if the land can be cleaned so that it is not harmful to live, work, or conduct business on.

OSHA is often the first governmental agency Facility Directors are concerned about coming to perform an inspection. They sometimes forget about the EPA. The Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) is there to ensure that as people continue to use landfills and produce potentially harmful waste that the environment is still protected.

Consultants help ensure that in every aspect of owning and running a manufacturing company all necessary and required permits by the EPA are acquired, they also help to facilitate training on the different permits. There are many different types of permits that a facility might be required to have, and one of the best ways to know is to hire a consultant. Air permits, waste water permits, and several operating permits are just a few and most permits are based on the businesses SIC code.

The EPA’s main concern is how industry affects the earth and as a result effects the population that inhabits the earth. The EPA wants plants and facilities to be aware of the effects, both negative and positive that their business has on the environment. The EPA created a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for manufacturing companies that store certain items outside in the open elements. This plan helps to inform local city officials what chemical waste, both hazardous and not, is in the storm water runoff. This also helps to prevent contaminating run off streams that lead into larger water supply areasComputer Technology Articles, such as a city’s main water source.

Great Plains Consultant News: Intercompany Transactions Integration

As you will need to build AP transaction GL distribution lines, this integration is not recommended for initial introduction to IM and probably should be trusted to Dynamics GP consultant or better to say – Great Plains Technical Consultant. If you have external EDI system, or you will need to pull records via SQL queries, available in Advanced ODBC data source, chances are high, that you will have to use one table, where you will have to group records for invoice header and then use SQL union to add second half of the distribution, usually AP account

1. Intercompany Transaction flag. If you want to enable cross company posting, then you should set intercompany flag in Invoice header to true.

2. Intercompany Distribution. As you know, in AP intercompany invoice, you add company ID in the GL distribution line, and usually for Purchasing account, while Accounts Payable account remains in the source company

3. Adding AP account. In your advanced ODBC source you can select existing records, and AP account you add through union addition to your normal select statement. If you use text file driver – this work is extremely buggy, but if you use ODBC connection to MS SQL Server table, then union addition should be relatively easy programming routine

4. Additional Notes. If your export file is text EDI code, you may try to first import it to SQL EDI tables to resolve text driver limitations and then work with more established SQL Server Advanced ODBC source

The Power Of Partnering With A QuickBooks Consultant

Traditionally, small businesses had to rely on antiquated paper ledgers and a shoebox stuffed full of saved receipts in order to maintain proper business bookkeeping practices. However, with the advent of modern technology, both fledgling and well-established entrepreneurs no longer need to fuss with these outdated methods. Instead, these CEO’s can turn to the latest in computer software packages that have been designed specifically to help balance the books.

QuickBooks has firmly secured its spot as a front runner resource in the accounting software market and with good reason. The tool has a diverse range of functionality that makes it an ideal application for any small business, regardless of industry or services provided. Most importantly, the software was designed to be used efficiently and effectively by virtually anyone. Whether conducting business as a computer programmer, construction contractor, caterer or personal consultant, any businessperson can learn to manage their own bookkeeping process with relative ease. However, mastering this resource can prove an overwhelming mission when first starting out. That’s why teaming up with a QuickBooks consultant can provide a powerful partnership for any business.

The Benefits Of Utilizing A QuickBooks Consultant

Learning the nuances and functionality of QuickBooks can initially seem a daunting endeavor. Rather than keeping the software in the box and continuing to rely on paper and pen methods, small companies now have invaluable resources available to them in the form of bookkeeping and, specifically, QuickBooks consultant firms. Reaching out to these service providers can exponentially decrease the anxiety and stress experienced when attempting to learn the various components of this application.

One of the best services offered by these firms is one-on-one training to methodically and systematically address and answer all fears, concerns and questions. This type of coaching empowers business owners to morph from frustrated and uncertain bookkeepers into capable managers of their own bottom line.

Another component to look for when seeking the assistance of a QuickBooks consultant is application customization. Not all businesses require the same fields, data entry and input when using the software. Fortunately, software programmers understand this need and have created the system to be highly customizable based on industry, function and need. However, modifying the tool can seem a little complicated to a new and unfamiliar user. Thus, working with a seasoned bookkeeping professional to strategically tailor the program can ensure the streamlining and efficiency of any business’ specific accounting efforts.

Asset Protection Consultant

Asset protection is necessary for people concerned about their future. In the past, only by rich and high-class people were concerned about asset protection. As litigations exploded, professionals, small business owners and common homeowner began to focus on different ways to protect their savings, investments and other accumulated assets. These assets are soft and attractive targets for creditors or state officials. An honest asset protection consultant can suggest legitimate strategies to protect your different assets. They know the laws and various techniques to protect people from lawsuits, judgments and creditors. It is very difficult for the client to decide and chose a particular asset protection plan. Therefore it is good to avail the services of these competent consultants in order to get the best protection plan.

We are in a litigious society where a new lawsuit is filed every thirty seconds. It is better to appoint a good consultant to avoid further complications. Good consultants always show the clients legal ways to protect their assets. They plan the strategy in such a way that it minimizes a client\’s exposure to any lawsuits. We all know that laws are different in many states and new federal laws are introduced at regular intervals. It becomes essential for people to follow the recommendations of the consultants who have a better knowledge state laws.

As a career option, becoming an asset protection consultant is a rewarding choice. You are your own boss with financial success. You can work from your home, and the earning potential is extraordinary. Some work on a contingency fee basisBusiness Management Articles, where a certain percentage of the amount of the lawsuit is charged. You can start by joining any network of asset protection consultants to get the practical knowledge of the profession.